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Tubular bandage

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  • Brand   Blue First Aid
  • Type   BF630
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Tubular bandage that maximizes support and minimizes constriction.
Tubular bandage provides 360 degrees of uniform compression and support with minimal risk of constriction. Tubular bandage cotton-knit tubular construction, reinforced with latex-free elastomers, creates a bandage that’s easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Tubular bandage also stays in place without clips or tape. Compression and support remain consistent even after reapplication. Tubular bandage offers superior support for edema reduction, post-cast support and as coverage for a wound dressing.


360 degree compression and support

82% cotton and 18% rubber, seamless, knit tubular construction

Ravel-free, run-free cutability

Secures without pins, clips or tape

Easy to cut for joint/appendage openings


For use in treating soft tissue injuries, edema reduction, sports injuries, post-burn scarring, sprains, strains and for post-cast support, securing wound dressings and covering plaster bandages and dressings

For use as a double layer for additional compression and support  

Product Order No. Size Stretched Width Suggested Applications  
Tubular bandage
BF630100 A 4.5cm Small Limbs  
BF630200 B 6.25cm Hands, Feet or Small Lower Legs  
BF630300 C 6.75cm Lower Legs or Arms  
BF630400 D 7.5cm Knees or Small Thighs  
BF630500 E 8.75cm Large Knees or Thighs  
BF630600 F 10cm Large Thighs  
BF630700 G 12cm Small Trunks  
BF630800 J 17.5cm Medium Trunks  
BF630900 K 21.5cm Large Trunks  
BF6301000 L 32.5cm Small Limbs
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